Beard Care

How to Use Brudders Beards Products

Important to note: Beard products are also for your skin, not only your beard hair. Good skin promotes good, healthy hair growth.

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Instructions for Use

Step 1: Wash that beard, man. We recommend using glycerin-based soaps for your beard and face. Glycerin-based soaps don't contain alcohol, fragrances, or other chemical-based ingredients that could irritate your skin. It also provides additional benefits to stop dry skin, acne, etc..  

Step 2: Getting out of the shower leave your beard wet. Take a small dab of Brudder Butter and rub that puppy between your hands. No clumps. Rub it into your beard. The butter will pull the water out of your hair. 

Step 3: Let dry. Whether using a blow dryer, a brush, or the power of Brother Nature itself. Quick tip: Applying to your beard before you blow dry helps to lubricate the hairs causing less pulling while combing. Additionally, since the beard butter contains oils that are hydrophobic, it helps to dry by wicking moisture from your beard.

Step 4: Once dry, take a dab of Brudders Beard Balm, rub that stuff into your hands again and massage it into your beard. Get crazy, use a little in your hair if you like the dry gel look. The argan oil in the balm will moisturize your hair and scalp to protect your beautiful face from everyday damage while giving the hair additional nutrients to grow strong and healthy.

Step 5: Look incredible, attract the woman of your dreams (if you haven’t already), then snipe a gino top cheese and celly like it’s game 7 of the Stanley Cup. Results may vary.